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Li Huan student studying in France in the Paris meetings and processions on the speech (transcript)
Ladies and gentlemen, dear French friends, How are you

I would first like to thank the people of Paris and Paris City Police Department has given us this opportunity today, let us gathered here. This is a rare occasion, and France is Europes largest in the history of Chinese assembly.

I would like to representatives from other cities, by bus, train and car, from several hundred miles away at their own expense friends came to say a few words. Many of my friends could not meet with us here, but I Xiangti them to express their like us to China, France, the French people, as well as the concerns of Sino-French friendship.

In the demonization of Chinas distortions reported incident, we, the world of Chinese students, and we feel pain, our feelings were hurt, but we do not blame the French people, as a result of this is not the responsibility of people you, but some irresponsible media incitement family and career.

Like all industries, the press and the media have their own to abide by professional ethics. Media to a fair, objective and the content of the verification, as well as moderate comments. In any case, we can not defamation and slander, there is no evidence to blame, and distorting the facts.

In the most recent turn of events reports, some reporters beyond their original reports role, have turned into an absolute truth that since the critical home, and even ridiculous to simplify the incident. A weak and innocent victims and a huge and cruel thugs. Their role from the very beginning this was assigned artificially good.

Then, reporters find ways and means to prove that these two roles. For example, on a selective history that the Chinese revolution is an inalienable part of China "aggression", while 95 percent said deliberately not languish in the dark of Tibetan politics and religion and the Nepal Police, as the Chinese police with a few decades ago, todays photos things, the dissemination of information is not verified, for example, there is no credibility of the so-called death toll, as well as some people with ulterior motives use the oral.

The description of those foreign tourists, and they let us get video of the mob that carried out without undue passers heinous violence, no one said that this is the media of the violence against the innocent. What is more, some irresponsible media manufacturing and force people to accept the one does not have any credibility and impartiality of evidence "bloody repression" hypothesis.

Chinese media rarely invited in the program expounded their views, even if there are also put him in the defendants position, and the other is in the number several times in his "judges." Yes, you can criticize the Chinese Government over a period of time does not allow reporters Entry Into Tibet, but not fabrications do not know what

This handling of the Tibet Information riots, is a kind of media violence, an ideological fraud, a right to speak hegemony, a distortion of the facts publicity, a shameless deceit.

First of all victims of the French people, and how they have compassion and love hearts, they believe that the media can be, unfortunately, they were manipulated and deceived.

Western mode of information or people have a copy mode, it is now no longer be. No one has the power to manipulate public opinion, not in China, nor anywhere in the world. This is the so-called freedom of expression pattern of another way to suppress freedom of expression.

Some politicians as Frances elite thinking inert, let us immense shock.

The so-called human rights, for some people, is the clarion call for jihad, and all for political purposes irresponsible incitement shield, for instance, the Robert Meinaer ( "Reporters Without Borders", chairman of the organization). Why this person in the tower that officials of the Moroccan prison repeated torture, American soldiers in Iraq was an insult to the time lost? This is not a selective blindness?

UNESCO termination of the "Reporters Without Borders" support, in a notice, UNESCO explained that Reporters Without Borders said on many occasions in the absence of objective coverage of certain countries in the process of the loss of professional journalists moral.


From the Internet, as well as our recognition of Mr. Robert information, we understand the "Reporters Without Borders" is derived from the financial support of some close ties with the United States Central Intelligence Organization.

We, overseas Chinese students, we are very distressing, and our feelings were hurt, but we do not hate the French.
We are two totally different world experience and information exchange between the bridge, we are also the cultural, ideological, political conflicts especially the first victims.

Chinese people in the country believe that we are on foreign students studying these views. They have the knowledge and abroad impression on this group of students feeling.

Faced with fabricating false news or transfer of the accused Western media, we have many of these students have started to counterattack, in the debate on the Internet and call for the authenticity of reports. We note that some media were "feed" some French people for China has a deep prejudice.

In the Olympic boycott, boycott China, the so-called free them shouting Tibet, the Chinese people of the Western world to examine and distrust is growing. The Chinese Governments efforts to achieve perfection is far from the stage that it is the worlds most perfect and that it is the worlds worst in the same ridiculous. But we of this generation, our 20-year-old to 30-year-old young people, from our young from the time when we have been living continuously improve the standard of living in China continues to open up freedom and the environment.

We are very surprised, and in this regard all to the good development of the moment, we are living in this time better than ever before, more and more foreign people have wanted to us from the so-called "the worlds largest dictatorship," " rescue "come out! I would like to ask, Where are you in the past? Those of us in the West to learn Chinese and we are full of confidence for the future. Indeed, China has a lot of things to do, and we, we Chinese people, but also the realization of these advances have unprecedented confidence.

China has another kind of culture, another kind of history, and the other volume. Sociology is not a precise science like mathematics. In this regard, we must become a "universal model" There are too many variables.

To China! To see a true, complete, China, a lot of the Western media will not show to your China to Tibet! Use your eyes to witness the so-called "cultural genocide", whether this extinction really exist and whether they are Tibetan "disappeared", those lamas who is not free to their religious beliefs, in the Tibetans than it is to Lai under the rule of the pine right live better! And those on the older Tibetans chat, they will never be able to forget the talk about the "Buddhist heaven." We need to direct exchanges, and more knowledge exchange, we will continue to contribute to it!

We support the Chinese students studying in the Olympic Games and support the Olympic Games to be held in China, accounting for one-fifth of humanity country with a population of qualified contractors Olympic Games.

Who are the Olympic Games? The Olympics belong to you, I belong, we belong to, and belongs to all of us, the whole world belongs to the people. This is not a political game. Dear politicians, anti-China political forces who are the pawns, please stop you for the Olympic Games pollution.

China, as the host country, the people of the world would like to send a best gift. Tens of thousands of blood to the Chinese people for many years, is to this day. They are welcome to the world open embrace of the people.

When the Olympic flame around the world transmission, the same message is a message that you welcome the arrival of the Chinese people and expect you to celebrate this event with a human face of love and care.

When some media that the torch relay to Chinas failure is a slap in the face. When represent love and peace torch, be an insult to some specialized protesters act, I think it is a slap in the face, but not to China, but the Chinese people, and to the French people, for all the world loves Olympic people.

Many French people seem to have a fear of China, which comes from the fear of Chinas ignorance. This is the reason why we hope you can communicate directly and we, through our, love and hope that the consolidation of the Sino-French friendship bridge to a better understanding of China.

China and her culture doomed our peace-loving nature. Tongyiliuguo since the Qin Dynasty, China ended with a split of the original state to become a complete and independent country. We belong to one big family.

I think this is a 5000 cultural history of the height. This will be worrying? But culture is live with vitality. When you use chopsticks in the China Hotel, when you forward the Chinese culture to carry out its full embrace.

Demonize China will allow the Chinese people have become more and stay away from the Western world, can only exacerbate the distance between the people.

Please let us good communication!

We would like to give you one other information. We Chinese students, very sincerely hope that the French people do not have hostile feelings between, because in any case this is not rational, and it is useless. Understanding of the two different cultures we hope that the people of the two countries become a bridge, an information communication points. We express to you is that the Chinese peoples real thoughts and feelings, we will also convey the French people on Chinas goodwill concern. Please believe me, this bridge will be an unprecedented strong, especially in extremely regrettable that under the current situation.

My dear French friends, we warmly welcome all of you to come, and even those who want to "create chaos in Beijing" (a member of the European Parliaments remarks) people. We will help them find a good insurance companies, providing them with a kind of cover all civil liability insurance.

Beijing let us see it, dear friends!

Thank you, Thank you very much!

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