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Hotel Name:Wuxi Taihu Hotel
Address:Yugang Road (Yugang Lu),Wuxi
Description:The Wuxi Taihu Hotel (Wuxi Taihu Fandian) is a garden style hotel located near scenic Taihu (Tai Lake) and a number of the areas popular sights.
Over 250 guestrooms are complemented by an assortment of luxury villas. Each is equipped with international direct dial telephone, satellite TV, in-room safe and internet access, and many afford spectacular views over Taihu.
A range of restaurants, bars and banquet halls serve a rich variety of dishes and drinks.
The Taihu Hotels function hall is equipped with an advanced audio visual system.
Guests can also make full use of recreation facilities including an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna and massage center.

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